Our Process

The big advantages of GLF’s program are that (1) you can choose the private attorney you want to represent you, and (2) you can pay that attorney in installment payments.  However, that attorney must agree to participate with GLF.  This is because we do not loan money to people and send them a check to pay the lawyer, as a bank might.  Instead, we pay the lawyer directly.  Furthermore, our system is completely automated.  We debit your account by safe and secure Automated Clearing House (ACH) withdrawals or through your debit card. We pay the lawyer by ACH credit to his or her account, or in some cases, by check.  Our process is very simple:

1. Find your lawyer, and ask if he or she will allow you to pay legal fees and expenses through GLF.  If the lawyer is not already participating with GLF, please refer him or her to our website.

2. Complete our simple on-line application.  It is best to do this in the lawyer’s office, but you can complete it yourself and save it.  The lawyer will have to add his or her identifying information to the application before it can be submitted for consideration.

3. We will likely perform a credit check on you and any co-applicant(s), and both you and your lawyer will receive a very prompt decision.  If you know your credit score is low, you should have a responsible co-signer.  Even if you have good credit, a co-signer will always improve your chances of being accepted and may be required in certain cases regardless of credit standing.

4. Once approved, we will send a Loan Agreement and other documents for you and your co-applicant(s) to sign. Once these documents are signed, you are finished and have just hired yourself the attorney of your choice!  It’s that simple.  The entire process is designed to take 5 minutes or less from the time you start filling out your application.