Our Automated Legal Lending Platform

GLF partners with lawyers and their clients to build relationships.  Most attorneys who represent individuals and small businesses are very versatile and can competently perform a variety of different legal tasks – from adoption to personal injury to wills and everything in between.  Like friends and doctors, when you find a lawyer you like and trust, you should keep that lawyer for life. 

The last thing GLF wants to do is create friction between the lawyer and client by charging too much or doing anything that is unexpected.  Our process is intended to be simple and transparent to both the attorney and the client.

Banks and many finance companies make a large portion of their revenue on fees – late fees, returned check fees, overdraft fees, application fees, etc.  GLF does not do this.  Our strong preference is to never make a dime in fees.  Also, our interest rate, considering the loans are unsecured and made to people with legal issues, is very reasonable.

Our entire lending platform is automated.  No paper bills will be mailed, and no checks or money orders accepted for payment except in extraordinary situations.  Payments are made to GLF by the clients automatically either by Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer or debit card.  Payments are made to the lawyers via ACH or check.  Our software and servers are guaranteed to be secure.  Your personal information is safe with GLF.

Although no paper bills or statements are mailed, a client can check all aspects of his or her account online through our website at any time.  Also, an attorney can use our attorney portal to view his or her entire portfolio of clients who use our service.

This automated system reduces our costs, and therefore your costs, and it eliminates or sharply reduces many fees, such as late fees and returned check fees.  It also practically eliminates the possibility of fraud and mistakes in the payment process.

We also allow the client to elect between monthly or bi-weekly payments to better manage his or her budget, and we send payment reminders 2-3 days before the debit is made.

The bottom line is that GLF goes the extra mile to help foster a healthy attorney-client relationship.  There are no hidden fees or tricks that only exacerbate the legal problems the client already has.  The client’s only responsibility is to make sure he or she has enough money in the bank account to pay the agreed-upon payment.