Market Your Firm

Let’s face it – the advertising efforts of most lawyers are abysmal.  Legal advertising in the mass media does little more than cost you money, embarrass your family, and reinforce the stereotype of lawyers being greedy ambulance chasers since most ads are directed to personal injury cases.

Without a doubt, the single most effective form of advertising for lawyers is having a large and satisfied client base.  The lawyers who founded GLF have settled many personal injury cases for a half million dollars or more.  Not one of those cases came to us because of advertising or as a referral from another lawyer.  Instead, all of them were the result of other legal work done for a previous client – often for little or no money.  Repeat business and referrals from those satisfied clients are the primary sources of lucrative cases.

And the opposite is also true – we have personally observed many instances of lawyers turning down work because they would make little or nothing, only to see those same potential clients later have lucrative cases.  When the lawyer solicits (inappropriately) for the big-money case, they are often refused on the basis of “you didn’t have time for me when I had a little problem, but now you want the case you can make some money on.”  The truth is, most clients are loyal to their lawyers so long as the lawyer does a good job and proves his or her competence.

The moral is to ensure you have a large, satisfied client base.  Never turn down a paying client if you have the expertise to handle his or her case, and if you can, take on a good cause for a non-paying client.

GLF provides a much more effective marketing tool than expensive advertising in the mass media, and it is FREE to our registered attorneys.  Potential clients can search our website for lawyers in their area who participate in our program.  All registered lawyers have the opportunity to provide extensive marketing information that the potential client can obtain on our website, and we market our website in a professional and sophisticated manner.

The bottom line is that GLF will advertise your practice and help your clients pay for your services.  The result will be a much larger paying client base, which will increase your revenue and help you obtain more lucrative future work.