To serve the needs of persons in need of legal services, and the attorneys who serve them, by providing a simple, automated method for people to pay legal fees and expenses in installments.

GLF’s founders are lawyers with wide-ranging experience from top corporate law firms representing Fortune 100 companies, to government legal practice including criminal prosecution and defense, to solo and small-firm practice representing people and their small businesses.  We have learned from our experience, both personally and from our peers and colleagues throughout our careers, that small-firm private practice is by far the most fulfilling and enjoyable.  There is something very rewarding about solving the legal problems of real people, as opposed to those of large corporations and government agencies.

Unfortunately, our legal system is simply inaccessible to much of our population, and the legal needs of millions of people go unserved every year.  Most “access to justice” initiatives focus on providing free legal aid or public defender services, but these services barely scratch the surface of the tremendous need.  Although there are many fine, dedicated lawyers providing free civil and criminal legal services, they are so overworked and underfunded that it is difficult to obtain competent representation from them if they will represent you at all.  The bottom line is that if you have a legal problem that needs to be solved, you should choose a private lawyer whom you will pay.

From a lawyer’s perspective, it is sometimes difficult to make a decent living in a small-firm private practice regardless of how skilled the lawyer is.  Good law practices require substantial overhead expense.  Quite simply, you need clients who can and will pay a reasonable fee.

Most people can pay a reasonable fee over time.  However, since legal problems often come hand-in-hand with financial problems, banks and finance companies are reluctant to make unsecured loans for legal fees.  This reluctance is even more prevalent since the global financial crisis that began in 2008.  And although some lawyers are willing to accept payment of fees in installments, this practice puts the lawyer in a bad situation and should be avoided if possible.

GLF believes there is no credible reason why the legal needs of honest people should not be served just because they don’t have sufficient funds to pay legal fees in a lump sum.  We solve this problem, thereby improving access to justice for people who can pay legal fees in installments, and improving the bottom line for the many dedicated, small-firm lawyers who represent these people.

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