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“Access to Justice” is a topic of great concern in the United States and many other nations. The American Bar Association, many state bars, law schools and even the United States Department of Justice have all recently addressed this issue. The fact is, the United States and many western nations have very good and fair legal systems – if you can afford them. Unfortunately, millions of people have little or no “access to justice” due to financial reasons. Their legal needs are not addressed, and they suffer as a result for many years – perhaps an entire lifetime.

At the same time, the education of lawyers has become big business for universities and corporations.  The market is saturated, and 40,000 new lawyers graduate every year in the United States alone – most with tremendous student loan debt.  Many of these lawyers end up unemployed or underemployed.

The result is a “market failure.”  Despite a huge supply of lawyers seeking clients, and millions of people needing lawyers, the legal work is not being done.  GLF solves this problem.

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